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About Us

Welcome to our eco-friendly paper bags and packaging, where sustainability meets ethical business practices. 

We prioritize the use of recycled and biodegradable materials in the production of a variety of stylish, durable, and eco-friendly paper bags and packaging solutions that cater to your needs, ensuring that they have minimal impact on the planet, reducing the harmful effects of single-use plastic and contribute to a healthier, greener future.

We promote transparency and accountability throughout our supply chain, valuing the well-being and dignity of every individual involved in an ethical and socially responsible supporting sustainable livelihoods and empower communities.

The visionary behind ( a division of ALBUEX) is the founder, Rajesh Kshirsagar with a passion for sustainability and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. His journey began with a realization of the detrimental effects of single-use plastic on our planet to promotes eco-friendly solutions while supporting fair business practices.

He is an active contributor in sectors such as Business Advisory, Fintech, MRL and GI Agriculture produce and others aligning processes with fair and ethical practices.

Join our mission to promote sustainability, protect the environment, and support social responsibility. 

Together, let's make a difference with INPAPERBAG forever.

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